Essex Marquees

Essex Marquees

Many of us will probably remember summer weddings with an outside marquee where guests can enjoy champagne in the courtyard or in the ‘tent’ outside. The simple joys of chatting and drinking on the patio are worth remembering, but then everybody is ushered indoors never to be allowed out again!

Well, hiring a marquee gives you the enjoyment of the outdoors, without having to spend the day of your wedding inside. People can still hear the music from the marquee whilst they watch the children play on the lawn, getting into the party spirit; and your guests feel that they have freedom to roam around the gardens to take in the views.

The freedom and flexibility of a marquee is just a great way to celebrate your wedding. In terms of the number of guests that you have arriving, as well as the versatility allowing you almost free reign with decoration, a marquee is a great way to give the bride what she wants. If the bride wants pink, she can have pink, if she wants purple she can have that too.

Place the marquee in your garden and have your dream wedding at home, or find a venue where you can erect your marquee. Whatever you choose, be sure to call us and speak to our events team. We are Marquees and Events and we are here ready to offer you our exclusive personal service and a quintessentially British experience.

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